Low Fee & Competitive Rate

Our transfer rate is highly competative with very low fee on transfers

Fast & Convenient

With our platform on web, android and IOS you can now transfer money to different countries within minutes

Safe & Secure

We ensure safe and secure end to end delivery

Dedicated Support Team

We have support team ready to assist you

We guarantee safety of your money

We are licensed and regulated by FCA and regulatory bodies in countries we deal with, we therefore don't compromise on our standard.



About Us

Trading as Radiantlife Money Transfer(RMT) We make sending and receiving money convenient and very simple. We are a business centred on the needs of our customers, and over the years, we’ve invested and innovated to provide consumers and businesses with even more choices – in products, in services, and in how and where our clients can access our services legitimately and more efficiently around the world.

Our online services allow people to send money to friends and family living abroad, using a computer, Smartphone, tablet etc. It is a convenient, low-cost alternative to traditional money transfer companies that uses high street agents and charge high fees.Money can be received as a bank deposit, cash pick-up, Mobile Money, or mobile airtime top-up. OUR ONLINE SERVICES – making the whole process quicker, easier and more secure.

We are committed to tackling the industry’s high-fees culture by giving people a low-cost alternative. Radiantlife Financial Services also recognises that the way people use money is changing. Millions of us now rely on Mobile Money services instead of bank accounts, so we offer transfers directly to your mobile.

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Adress: 183/183a Cherry Tree Lane, Rainham Essex RM13 8TU

Country:United Kingdom